Transmitting EDI Services

EDI documents are commonly transmitted using FTP, FTPS and AS2 just to name a few connection types we provide.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or the more secure FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer data files from one host to another host over the Internet.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a one to one connection to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet, the security is achieved using digital certificates and encryption
Due to security standards, many organizations require partners to use an AS2 connection for EDI or other business to business communications. For EDI in the healthcare industry, it also satisfies many of the HIPAA requirements.

Using our connection services, we can provide you with documentation acknowledging the receipt of the data sent and received by us.
An example of where this is necessary is that it provides proof that will help with denying charge backs from your trading partner.

If you do not have an easy way to transfer documents the we can provide a solution to make it simple and effective.
An example would be a drop directory on a computer in your organization that all that you would have to do is copy the document to that directory and on a specific schedule it would transmit to us.

EDI translation services


 Using our advanced EDI system we are able to complete all types of industry specific EDI transactions and we are always 100% connected to the internet with no downtime due to a 3 tier internet connection using separate networks such as Cable, DSL and Cellular.






We are always available to discuss any requirements or needs you may have, please feel free to submitting any questions here.

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