EDI Industries

Even though all industries around the world use e-commerce, each and every one of them act differently, they have their own set of business rules and have their own way of doing business with EDI trading partners. Beginning with our EDI services and then connecting using other e-commerce technologies such as XML, AS2 and Web Services, companies from all types of industries are using GEDIMS EDI services in a way that best fit their needs and goals.

We deliver your required results in all induestries that require EDI compliance, the list below can be accessed and you will see the transaction sets used by that industry.

Accounting EDI Services
Aerospace EDI Services
Automotive EDI Services
Educators EDI Services
Finance/Bank EDI Services
Government EDI Services
Grocery EDI Services
Healthcare Supply EDI Services
Healthcare Insurance - HIPAA EDI Services
Legal EDI Services
Logistics EDI Services
Real Estate EDI Services
Retail EDI Services

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